S01 E17: Zero Dark Thirty, Pak Standard Time

It got a little dark for the boys this week. We dived straight in on the PTI foreign funding case (2:16) & it only got darker from here on. The guys briefly revisit the current state of reporting on Kashmir & our nation’s diminishing conscience (8:04), followed by even a more solemn realization over the government’s shattering silence on the Chinese human trafficking of 600+ Pakistani child brides (14:13). We tried looking for some light in the Haj refund handouts (19:30) but our spirits were dampened over the shocking revelation of the current state of disabled people in Pakistan (23:40). We mourned the poor comments made by the public on the DHA kidnapping case of Dua Mangi as well as the sad security risks in our cities (34:10). In the end, we all hope for better days with the help of the digitization of Pakistan (45:14).

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